2020 marks the centennary of the founding of Labour Organiser, billed in its first edition as ‘The ONLY LABOUR JOURNAL devoted to the Organisation, Electioneering, and Business matters’.

For the better part of a century, Organiser filled its pages with articles penned by organisational luminaries such as Arthur Henderson, Harold Croft, to Ramsay MacDonald and Sidney Webb. These and other contributors regularly produced fascinating analysis and comment on a variety of topics from ‘The Principles of Party Organisation’ to ‘The Psychology of Political Parties’ and countless items on meetings, propaganda and canvassing. Organiser also provided an in-depth election law service.

In its nascence, Organiser ran enterprising features on the attempts district parties made to set-up and maintain their own papers. The publication was similarly helpful in tracking plans to use film as a propaganda weapon – after first mentioning the possibilities presented by television in the 1930s, LO was on the ball when it became a mass medium in the 1950s.

Organiser has been relaunched as the mouthpiece of Labour Society of Campaigners; an umbrella group of grassroots campaigning organisations and experienced campaigners within the party. Our objectives are as they ever were, to advance the cause of labour. We aim to share knowledge, insights and best practice in campaigning to adequately arm those who are fighting for a better world.